DHE series, constant temperature instant electric water heater, never waste energy. Wireless remote control devices can be added..


Full Function‧LCD display

‧Child-proof system with temperature setting 43℃/50℃/55℃/60℃

‧Precise temperature selection from 20℃-60℃

‧Saves up to 30 % energy compared to cylinder systems*

‧Profit-Rapid@ for a quick installation

‧For hard and soft water

More Function:
  • 18, 21, 24 kW (adjustable), 18 kW, 27kW
  •  9.2-13.8 l/min (depending on model)
  • The economy monitor displays cost savings and CO2 reductions
  •  Electronic safety system with air detection
  • Bare wire heating system with pressure-tested copper casing
  • Hoseproof to IP25
  • 2 years Warranty
  • Profi-Rapid®  for a quick installation
  • Quick temperature selection with memory key
  •  Assured and accurate delivery of the required temperature from 20℃-60℃
  • The display show the current water and energy consumption
  • Saves up to 30 % energy compared to cylinder systems
  • Wired or wireless comfort remote control (option)
*Compared hydraulic instantaneous water heaters; subject to pattern of use.
Multifunction LCD display :
Single or Multiple Point outlet applications:
Remote Control (optional)

DHE  series is compatible with wireless remote control, easier access and increasing the flexibility while using.

Model DHE 18/21/24 DHE 27

Power Rating(400V)kW


18/ 21/ 24

16.2/ 19/ 21.7



Size(H/W/D)mm 478 x 225 x 105
Temp.  Adjustment 20℃-60℃
Working Pressure 10 Bar
Min. Flow rate 2.5L
Protection level IP25
Pipe size 15mm(G1/2″)
Weight 4.5kg
Control Unit Fully Electrionic Control
Outlet applications Single or Multiple
Multifunction LCD display
Childproof setting 20℃-60℃
Automatic water flow rate
Wellness shower programs
ECO-energy and water saving function
Programmable temperature
Bare wire heating system
Elect. air detetion system
Temperature limit
Elect. Flow rate control
Solar operation (preheated water)