As an undersink installation, the DHM supplies one or several draw-off points. It is installed with commercially available pressure taps.


‧  Design with compact size

‧Suitable for washbasins

‧Bare wire heating system

‧2 years Warranty

‧Good for Kitchen

‧Can supply multiple outlets

More functions:
  • 3kW / 4kW / 6kW
  • Starting volume:1.6 – 3.4 l/min (depending on model)
  • For pressure-tested installation with pressure-tested taps
  • For hard and soft water
  • Hoseproof to IP25
  • 360 Flexible Installation
  • No standby or distribution losses

Compact size :

Specification :

Model DHM 3 DHM 4 DHM 6

Power rating(220V)kW




Size(H/W/D)mm 143 x 190 x 82
Working pressure 10 Bar
Starting volume ≧1.6L ≧2L ≧3.4L
Protection level IP25
Inlet size 15mm(G1/2″)
Weight 1.4kg
Control unit Hydraulically controlled
Unit type Centralized
Heating system Bare wire heating system
Elect. safety system with temp. cut‧off device
*DHM 6 Min. Starting volume ≧1.8L/min