DEL SL Series

Through the stylish LCD display and control panel, precise temperature can be selected with operating information combined at a glance. By detecting the incoming temperature and flow rate from the water inlet, it can sustain a stable temperature through precise calaulation of energy required. It can cope with varient flow rate, yet maintaing a comfort showering experience. The DEL SL series comes with a temperature indication light to ensure safety. …..

DEL SLi Series

The LCD of the instantaneous water heater DEL SLi electronic shows what it can do: Precise temperature control down to the nearest degree. In future, all you need to do is turn the rotary selector until the required temperature appears on the LCD – and that’s it. The electronically-controlled instantaneous water heater accurately captures the flow rate as well as the cold and hot water temperatures, and uses these details to regula…

DHB STi Series

The DHB STi thermotronic is an interesting entry into the comfort class. It offers the output of an advanced electronic instantaneous water heater at the cost price of a lower/middle segment product. Amongst its benefits are primarily its energy efficiency and the convenience of the pre-selected DHW temperature always being maintained. It prevents temperature fluctuations caused by output changes. As a result, the show…

HDB-E Si Series

HDB-E Si series electronic-controlled instantaneous water heater can be used in a wide range of locations and provide hot water supply to different areas in a house simultaneously, like kitchen and bathroom. It is also suitable for both soft water and hard water. In winter, an appropriate hot water temperature can be guaranteed through the auto adjustment of the built-in flow limiter. Its low starting volume allows it operating normally in a condition of low inlet water flow.

DHC XG Series

Slim design – designed by German Red Dot Design Award winner Mr. Dirk Schumann. The whole design philosophy is to create a mixing of features, high technology and enjoyment to consumers. DHC XG electronic control series won three German Design Awards which is absolutely your confident choice.

DHC EL Series

DHC EL Comfort and convenient – the latest German design, can provide you with sufficient hot water due to the water heater can adjust the temperature that you choose. The build-in security devices can protect components inside the machine, serves as an additional protection to prevent direct contact with users. Avant-grade design to create a unique and trendy bathroom.

DHC-E Series

The DHC-E range of Semi-Electronic controlled, pressurized, compact, instantaneous hot water heaters with tubular heating elements is specifically designed for one phase electrical supply.