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The ‘Flow’ water filter pitcher provides high quality drinking water by using hollow fiber membrane to filter out bacteria. High quality carbon material improves the taste of water and silver ions technology avoid the growth of bacteria inside the cartridge to keeps the cartridge always fresh. With compact shape that can fits into your fridge for better taste and with lifetime indicator, Flow water filter pitcher provides you drinking water at maximum convenience.


‧Hollow filber membrane removes bacteria and particles down to 0.01 micron
‧Removes calcium magnesium and natural mineral substances….

‧Removes heavy metals: lead,cadmium, mercury and aluminum

‧Removes chlorine up to 98% by high quality carbon.Removes taste and odor

‧Bacteria free direct drinking water
‧Protecting Yourself and Your Family
More functions:
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane
    A micro-porous structures hollow fiber works as and efficient filter to remove bacteria and particles down to 0.01 micron
  • Anti-bacteria carbon
    Silver impregnated carbon prevents a contamination from the outside of the filter and the growth of bacteria inside the filter
  • 5-stage in 1 encapsulated filter
    The filters inside the cartridge are clean and protected against contamination from outside e.g. during the filter rplacement
  • Smart Lifetime Indicator
    Lifetime indicator will conveniently let you knoq when it is time to replace the cartridge
  • Simple Design
    With compact shape, it is convenient to carry along, fit into small spaces and sufficient for small drinking requirement.

Better taste:

5 Filter Stages :

Specification :

Model FLOW
Size(H/W/D)mm 280 x 260 x 10
Filter water volume 1.0 L
Max. operating temperature 35℃
Min. operating temperature 4℃
Gross weight (without water) 0.68 kg
Filter type 5 stages in 1 encapsulated filter
Step 1 PP
Step 2,3 Ion exchange resin/ silver activated carbon
Step 4 Micro net
Step 5 Ultrafiltration membrane
Pitcher body Safe and high quality AS plastic
colour White
Lifetime of cartridge 70 days (based on 12L/day) (depends on water quality)