HDB-E Si series electronic-controlled instantaneous water heater can be used in a wide range of locations and provide hot water supply to different areas in a house simultaneously, like kitchen and bathroom. It is also suitable for both soft water and hard water. In winter, an appropriate hot water temperature can be guaranteed through the auto adjustment of the built-in flow limiter. Its low starting volume allows it operating normally in a condition of low inlet water flow.


‧Temperature pre-selection:55°C
‧Saves up to 20 % energy compared to cylinder systems
‧2 years Warranty
‧Profi-Rapid®  for a quick installation
‧For hard and soft water
More Functions:
  • 12 kW, 18 kW, 21 kW or 24 kW (depending on model)
  • 5.6 – 12.3 l/min (depending on model)
  • Electronic safety system with air detection
  • Min. flow rate 2.3 l/min
  • Bare wire heating system with pressure-tested copper casing
  • Hoseproof to IP25
  • Wired comfort remote control (option)
*Compared hydraulic instantaneous water heaters; subject to pattern of use.

Temperature Pre-selection :


Remote Control : (Optional)

HDB-E Si series is compatible with both wired remote control, easier access and increasing the flexibility while using.

Specification :

Model HDB-E 12 Si HDB-E 18 Si HDB-E 21 Si HDB-E 24 Si

Power Rating(400V)kW










Size(H/W/D)mm 470 x 225 x 117
Temp.  Adjustment 55℃
Working Pressure 10 Bar
Min. Flow rate ≧2.3L
Protection level IP25
Pipe size 15mm(G1/2″)
Weight 3.6kg
Control Unit Electronic Control
Outlet applications Centralized
Bare wire heating system
Elect. air detetion system
Elect. safety system with temp. cut-off device