Single-point shower unit JN (S) series is suitable for most families, fitted with mixer for hot/cold water and Airjet environmental protection shower head unit. Units range from 15 liters in volume, providing consistent hot water for an excellent showering experience.

Takes 5 minutes to bring water to a thermally comfortable temperature:

‧Non step temperture control

‧Stable Water Temperature

‧provide Long-lasting water supply with Oringinal Water-saving Aerator Showerhead**

‧2 yrs warranty for electrical parts;10 yrs for inner

‧Takes 5 minutes to bring water to a thermally comfortable temperature

‧tempertaure can be preserved longer hence saving engergy *

More functions:
  • Infinity Technic for Energy Saving
  • High Performance Heating Element
  • High Density Polyurethane Foam Insulation
  • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Inner Tank‧Automatic Welding
  • Automatic Thermostat Control
  • Stable Water Temperature
  • Water Resistance Protection‧Product Liability Insurance
  • HK$10,000,000.00
  • 2-Year Warranty for all electrical parts
  • 10-Year Warranty for the Inner tank

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JN(S)/(SD) series with Energy Efficiency Grade 1.

Model JN-4(S)*/(SD)** JN-5(S)*/(SD)** JN-6(S)*/(SD)**
Capacity(Litres) 15 18 23
Size(mm) H W D 500x330x256 563x330x256 688x330x256
Inlet Size Ø1/2″
Power Rating(kW) 220V 3 3 3/4
Voltage / Phase 220V / 1 Phase
Net Weight(kg) 11 12 13
Net Weight Full Tank(kg) 26 30 36
Thermal Control 35℃-80℃ Adjustable
Thermal Cut – Out 90℃ Manual Resetable
Test/ Working Pressure 0.4 MPa / 0 Mpa
Accessory Single Lever Mixer & Shower Head Set

*S series accessory: 1.Speedy Heat Tank 2. Flow limiter 3. Airjet ECO Shower Head Set
**SD series accessory: 1.Speedy Heat Tank 2. Flow limiter 3. Airjet ECO Shower Head Set 4.Digital Temperature Display