A -Plus (HK) Group Limited

The Terms and Conditions of Warranty, Inspection and Maintenance set out below govern the supply of inspection and maintenance services by A-Plus (HK) Group Ltd. Customer should ensure that they are read comprehended fully before accepting these terms:


1. Customers must register their item(s) within 14 days counting from the day of purchase in order to entitle for the warranty coverage.

1.1 Customers must keep the original purchase receipt as confirmation of the warranty effective date.

1.2 If customers fail to provide a valid invoice as a proof of purchase and have not register their item(s) for warranty, then the customers will be responsible for any related charges as the warranty will be treated as incomplete.

2. For any defect that in judgment of our technician, caused under normal use, we are responsible for repairing or replacing parts free of charge, within the warranty period commencing from the invoice date, All replaced defective parts shall become our property.

3. Our company Will Not provide service under the following circumstances :

3.1 If it is not our company products.*The customer shall pay the relevant service out call fees due to their own negligence.

3.2 If the product had been inspected, repaired or refitted by any unauthorized persons.

3.3 If the damage is caused by external factors, such as devices and water systems connected to our products (e.g. gate valve, pressure reducing system, solar heating system etc.)

3.4 If the installation of products does not comply with the requirement of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department or Water Authority.

3.5 If the damage is caused by natural disasters, human error or negligence, abuse or misuse, improper electricity supply or water pressure problem from the water inlet.

3.6 If it is out of normal business hour (our normal business hour from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, excluding Public Holidays).

3.7 If the customer cannot provide safe and proper working environment or condition for our technician, which may cause danger during repair(e.g. where the product is installed at an unreasonable height or on ceiling; or where there is insufficient space to carry out the inspection and maintenance work), or where there is a lack of proper facilities to carry out the work.

3.8 If the system or accessories of the electric water heater are excessively dilapidated (such as water pipe connection, wire connection, supporting rack etc.)

3.9 If use other accessories which is not originally provided by the manufacturer.

3.10 If the customer refuses to pay relevant inspection or Maintenance fees.

4. The product shall install & operate follows the ”Operating and Installation Manual” for gaining the warranty service.

5. For service or inspection to carry out on outlying island, an additional island & non-urban surcharge & traveling fee is required.「Additional charges for remote area」

6. Customer shall be responsible for providing any required entry document for entering any Registered Areas to carry out all installation, inspection and maintenance works.

7. All the maintenance or inspection fees are charged on a per unit basis for each call. Except for those general charges, other charges, including spare parts replacement and labour cost etc., are depended on the individual circumstances while quotations will be provided. All the fees would be charged according to the items specified on the Job Service Form.

8. The warranty period does not covered re-installation, relocation of product and any extra expenses.

9. A-Plus (HK) Group Ltd. reserves the right to add or modify the terms and conditions from time to time without advance notice. In case of disputes, the decision of A-Plus (HK) Group Ltd. shall be final and binding.

10. If these is any conflict between the English ant the Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

11. The warranty service is only valid in Hong Kong.